We started in 2008

Back in 2008, Jeff set up the first Segway tour in a Forest with his friend Paul at Haldon Forest Park with 3 Segways both Jeff & Paul having full-time jobs from very different backgrounds.

Jeff worked in a trendy and well-established shop on Exeter High street called Nicklebys selling men’s suits & other men’s clothing.

Paul Worked for the NHS at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital in various departments.

They both met in Jeffs’s shop and soon became good friends.

At first, Jeff approached the forestry commission at Haldon Forest Park to Express an interest in running Segway Tours around the park. After lots of meetings, they finally agreed (remember this had never been done before in the UK on Forestry Commission land) but fortunately, somebody had the vision and foresight to see it could be successful (and we think a bit of Jeff’s charm)

Nobody was really doing Segways in the UK at the time and they became popular very very quickly so they both started investing very quickly in more machines to keep up with demand.


In 2018 Paul set up a new site at Cann Woods in Devon after 15 years and lots of fun times in the forest.

Now in 2023 and with Jeff retiring, we’ve decided to move all operations to Cann Woods Devon, closing our first site at Haldon Forest Park. So here we are today and the fun is even better.

Paul & Jeff 2009

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